Just Move would like to share and answer any questions you may have.


Here are some few questions & answers:


Do I have to pick up the vehicle?


No, we have a professional driver that will come to your requested location.


Do I have to have a driver for the moving van?


Yes, it is mandatory for our drivers to be the only ones who drive the vehicle, to avoid legality issues.


Is there more movers then just the driver?


Our driver is more then capable to assist in the move as long as there is someone on the customers side to assist in the move. Otherwise yes we can and will supply more labor which will be discussed during the quoting of the move.


Is the mover included in the price?


No, if the customer would like assistance in the move it is additional, our policies refrain our drivers and other labor men from assisting in the move unless the customer has requested the help prior to the move. This is to prevent any undocumented injury that they might incur on the job. It also helps insure that our movers are being paid fair unbiased rates.


Do I have to pay for the gas


This question depends on where you are asking to move from and/or to. If in the city of WPG we do not charge for gas. But if you are moving to/from out of the city we have a different plan for out of city customers.


Do you help move anywhere in Canada?


No, we are strictly limited to Manitoba limits, We are located in Winnipeg Mb, And do not travel more then 2 hours out of the city for a move.


Do you charge extra for Mileage?




Do you charge extra for Insurance?




What if the move takes longer then what we pre-ordered for services?


We are pretty fair when it comes down to it. our rates vary depending on which option is selected and the quote that is provided to our customers, we have a overtime charge of $100.00 per additional hour for services plus labor. Any additional time over 30 minutes after arranged time will be considered an additional hour of time.  Only having so much time in our day for multiple customers. It will be up to the owners discretion and individual situation relating to said events happening. Additional payment may be required in order to finish move completely.


Can we ask for additional hours if needed ?


Yes, on our agreement we will stipulate the hours of usage ahead of time and the price before we apply our services to ensure a cut and dry system for our customers. We treat everyone equally so that no one feels that they are is being taken advantage of.


Do you take Check, Credit card or Debit?


No, we at the moment only take Cash, Or E-Transfers.